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Life after comps

This is me relaxing.

I passed my comprehensive exams!
I did my defense, and it was done.
I was so excited and relieved. I was pumped up. Ready to go to the next step.
Then, I did what some advised me not to do, I took as super long break. It was unintentional. The first two weeks were meant for a break. Then, I dedicated the rest of the semester to the classes I was teaching. The semester has ended and now we are on summer break. I taught a class online so, there went my time. Then, I went to a conference in Vancouver, Canada! Presented, and learned a lot.
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I know philosophy is important and it is a good foundation to have in order to understand what inform theories and their production. I want to understand it, but sometimes it takes three or more reads to fully grasp the meaning of the philosophers. Scholars spend years studying a text, and I have a week! Yet others seem to adopt the language immediately. What are some strategies to read and comprehend philosophy?

I like the challenge, but help is appreciated.


I do not remember all-nighters being so energy consuming. When I was an undergraduate, I would pull a few all-nighters a week in order to complete all my assignments. It sucked, but I managed. Now, as an almost 30-year-old adult, it seems harder. I need my daily recommended seven to nine hours of sleep. I do not do many of things I used to. When I was between the ages of 18 to 25, I used to drink coffee at all times of the day, sleep less than seven hours, walk alone in the dark, with no protection and many times put myself in dangerous situations. Looking back at the decisions I have made, I was lucky to escape Continue reading “All-nighters”

A support system

I am interested in what other Chicanas, Latinas, Mexicanas, women of color, women have to say about their experience in academia. It is always a different story. There have been Latinas who have not found the support needed in their department or with their cohort. Chicanas have felt ostracized by the department or by their compañeros, despite their progressive stance. Men and women of color have been pushed from their graduate departments one way or another. Graduate school, in general, is a difficult journey to take, it is design for students to take it alone, to be in competition with one another. I’ve been lucky to have a support system within my cohort. We encourage each other to keep writing, to read this new article we found, to keep up with our plan of study, to submit to an upcoming conference, etc.

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The approval


I don’t know what to do.

I finished my thesis and submitted it for approval December 10. Now I am waiting for the final approval by the school and I will be set. I will be a Master of the Arts in Chicana and Chicano Studies. But this waiting game is annoying me. Although I don’t foresee any problems getting my thesis approved, the possibility of being rejected always exists.

Thankfully, I have a job at a non-profit organization that is fit for my interests. I am beginning to see connections from what I learned through all that reading I did for my thesis, and my current job. In my thesis I wrote about working class Latinas’ activism. Through it, I saw the need for further development of Latinas not just as fighters and activists, but as people with lives outside of their work and their organizing. Writing and suggesting possible solutions based on the readings is one thing, but actually placing it in practice is another. The fact that the economy and political environment has changed over the years makes the solutions slightly different than what they might have been 20 years ago.

Now I work providing educational services for service workers, and getting the programs up and running is a challenge. Regardless, it can and will be done. I am excited and I hope to see everything running as anticipated.

I still have to see about my thesis though. I want to make sure it gets approved and that I get my diploma through the mail.

I miss writing though. So I will commit to writing a new blog at least twice a month. That way I can get my thinking juices flowing.

Perhaps more scholarly work is in the horizon for me. I would love to get published in a scholarly journal, and to continue to produce work that is beneficial to the improvement of many communities. I am excited, happy and relieved. However, institutionalized academia has been my life for over 20 years, I don’t think I can walk away from it.

My new blog is on the works, and will be published soon.


Deadline coming soon…


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They put effort in their theses, let’s read them

Just as I am now, many students before me were reading andTheses writing many pages of information in order to complete their theses. I would like to honor their hard work by occasionally reading some of their work. Continue reading “They put effort in their theses, let’s read them”

Getting ready for conference season

Listening to presenters

It is conference season for me! This means it is that time of year when different disciplines are calling out for presenters to sign up for their conference. Continue reading “Getting ready for conference season”

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