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Life after comps

This is me relaxing.

I passed my comprehensive exams!
I did my defense, and it was done.
I was so excited and relieved. I was pumped up. Ready to go to the next step.
Then, I did what some advised me not to do, I took as super long break. It was unintentional. The first two weeks were meant for a break. Then, I dedicated the rest of the semester to the classes I was teaching. The semester has ended and now we are on summer break. I taught a class online so, there went my time. Then, I went to a conference in Vancouver, Canada! Presented, and learned a lot.
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Living under a graduate assistantship budget

My living space

My first year as a PhD student, I had to readapt to an extremely low budget. Although I have never lived a luxurious California life, I still managed to splurge in adventures here and there. My income was limited, but with wiggle room. Now, the wiggle room is non-existent.

The upside is that New Mexico’s cost of living is lower than California’s. However, with the move, I had to max out my credit card and sell a few things. I had to go from a one-bedroom apartment to a studio apartment which meant smaller furniture.

Sites like minimalist interiors inspire me to keep my furniture simple, but Apartment Therapy encourages me to add more character in my small space.  I bought furniture from thrift shops and gotten little things here and there from my mom’s house (she likes to keep a lot in storage). I am continuously arranging my studio apartment, adding and subtracting items in order to make it a livable space. Currently I am looking for things to sell at a school-sponsored garage sale so that I can declutter and make a little bit of money. Anything helps!


Dog Pictures!

There are not enough pictures of my dog out in the Internet. The reason for this is because Mau is camera shy. The moment he sees my phone pointing at him, he turns around. However, I have managed to take some (fuzzy) pictures.

Here are a few pictures of Mau, my difficult Terrier Mix.

He was trying to prevent me from working, but failed. July 2016.
He is so cute. Here he is hogging his toys. He did not want to share with his cousin Cleo. June 2016.

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Next Stage

Read, read, read

As more time passes, I can see the light. I have pages and pages of literature and data written but they are not connected. I keep going back to my readings to see what I missed. What needs to be further discussed and explored. I love my thesis, and at this stage, I am connecting to it. Continue reading “Next Stage”

Learning how to Feng Shui

Feng Shui As I had mentioned before, I moved back home. This is my opportunity to make my new place (in my mom’s back house) too look awesome and attract great energy… using Feng Shui!
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On my way to Bakersfield, Ca.


After work, I decided to go home to attend a family gathering. Even though there is always thesis work to do, family should not be neglected. Family time may decrerase but not vanish. My family is very supportive. At first they didn’t believe that my time would be consumed so much by school, but I talked to them about what it is required of me in order to graduate, and they understood. They are my support system. Off I go.

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