Oh God! The moment I posted grades for my students, I was done! Done! I was sleeping in and doing nothing at home. I was so relaxed. I was able to cook and eat at home or go for a walk with my dog. A few days of vacation and then, back to work. Yes, graduate business (comps, dissertation ideas) is one thing and that does not get done until I graduate. But fortunately, I also teach during the summer! I will be teaching a class I taught in the past: public speaking. I get to reuse some of the class assignments and an opportunity to come up with new ones.

Teaching in the summer is also good news for a graduate student who depends on the income of her assistantship, like me. Last summer I remember how hard it was for me to keep afloat. I could not pay the one credit card I had because rent was more important. That credit card company kept calling and calling, even though I asked for an extension. I was at home with my mom so she provided food for me, but other bills were on my own. I had saved some money, but it was not enough. Thankfully, this year I had the chance to teach.

So yes, vacation, and eating at home is good. Paying rent and other bills is even better! So back to working on syllabi, class projects and assignments. Back to researching a good article to share with my students and videos that demonstrate great public speakers. Back to teaching the young minds and keeping track of my own graduate work.