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May 2017

Furry friend

In response to the Photo Challenge, here is my post. He is not a fan of pictures. But he is a fan of licking my face.

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Vacation mode on/off

Oh God! The moment I posted grades for my students, I was done! Done! I was sleeping in and doing nothing at home. I was so relaxed. I was able to cook and eat at home or go for a walk with my dog. A few days of vacation and then, back to work. Yes, graduate business (comps, dissertation ideas) is one thing and that does not get done until I graduate. But fortunately, I also teach during the summer! I will be teaching a class I taught in the past: public speaking. I get to reuse some of the class assignments and an opportunity to come up with new ones.

Teaching in the summer is also good news for a graduate student who depends on the income of her assistantship, like me. Continue reading “Vacation mode on/off”

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