I am interested in what other Chicanas, Latinas, Mexicanas, women of color, women have to say about their experience in academia. It is always a different story. There have been Latinas who have not found the support needed in their department or with their cohort. Chicanas have felt ostracized by the department or by their compañeros, despite their progressive stance. Men and women of color have been pushed from their graduate departments one way or another. Graduate school, in general, is a difficult journey to take, it is design for students to take it alone, to be in competition with one another. I’ve been lucky to have a support system within my cohort. We encourage each other to keep writing, to read this new article we found, to keep up with our plan of study, to submit to an upcoming conference, etc.

It is such a difficult balance to have. To be knowledgeable, to work on papers, submit to conferences, read everything you can on your field of study, while not isolating yourself in the process. I love school, which is what makes this process worth it, but there are times I miss my family and wish to go back to California. There are times I wish I can leave my work at work (school) and come home to my dog and relax. Instead, I come home to keep working. I feel guilty every time I am not reading or writing, hence why I am writing this (not the right writing, but writing). I blame social media and popular culture for taking my time, but then again, that is my area of study, so shouldn’t I partake in it? My dog needs to go to the dog park. I cannot deprive him of a few minutes of play. I need a few minutes (hours) of play!

Overall, I do love school, and I would not want to be anywhere else. This is my calling; I just need to keep it together. I would like to connect with other graduate students, not just on an educational level, but a personal one, a support system that lets us all know, we will make it through no matter where we are.