My living space

My first year as a PhD student, I had to readapt to an extremely low budget. Although I have never lived a luxurious California life, I still managed to splurge in adventures here and there. My income was limited, but with wiggle room. Now, the wiggle room is non-existent.

The upside is that New Mexico’s cost of living is lower than California’s. However, with the move, I had to max out my credit card and sell a few things. I had to go from a one-bedroom apartment to a studio apartment which meant smaller furniture.

Sites like minimalist interiors inspire me to keep my furniture simple, but Apartment Therapy encourages me to add more character in my small space.  I bought furniture from thrift shops and gotten little things here and there from my mom’s house (she likes to keep a lot in storage). I am continuously arranging my studio apartment, adding and subtracting items in order to make it a livable space. Currently I am looking for things to sell at a school-sponsored garage sale so that I can declutter and make a little bit of money. Anything helps!