Read, read, read

As more time passes, I can see the light. I have pages and pages of literature and data written but they are not connected. I keep going back to my readings to see what I missed. What needs to be further discussed and explored. I love my thesis, and at this stage, I am connecting to it.

“Keep going!” I tell myself.

“I want to watch a movie, go out, do nothing.” These are the thoughts that are always on my mind when I want to give up.

And then those negative thoughts come to my mind. “All the time wasted and I am still writing. I want to move on!” I punish myself, as my professor said, like a good Catholic. But that is no good to writers or anyone. Yes, my journey is slow, but it is where it is and all I have is now, how can I make it better? How can I move on?

This is when I seek inspiration. One of my inspirations is Bella Falconi. Although she is about “fitspiration” I take her positive messages and apply it to my situation. It works.

Read, read, read

Cannot wait to finish. Almost there. Keep writing. Keep thinking. Dedicate your life to this thesis right now. Be proud of your work. Make it the best it can be. It will always have your name!