Feng Shui As I had mentioned before, I moved back home. This is my opportunity to make my new place (in my mom’s back house) too look awesome and attract great energy… using Feng Shui!
Feng Shui, is the art of arranging furniture in order to create a space with good flow of energy, according to ehow.com

In my attempt to create to productive study space, I consulted an old book my mom had in her house and the eHow website for guidance.

Using what I already had, I placed a table that will serve as a desk facing the front door so I can see who comes in. I also clean up and turn off my laptop when I am done so I can start fresh the next day.

I don’t do my work here often because I need to use the Internet from time to time. For that I go to a local coffee shop or Starbucks.

Now I feel the need to decorate my space, to make it feel more comfortable and welcoming.