Cute Dog
Orejas / Snowy

Look at this cute dog! He was waiting for me when I came back home. Even though I tried to avoid it, it happened. I moved back home. 

My new year started with a welcome back from my family and sweet stare of one of the family dogs, Orejas/Snowy (he has two names). I don’t mind coming back home. I like having family time and I miss having pets, something I wasn’t able to do in my apartment. But if I was coming back, I wanted to come back a champ! With steady income, a job I loved and in an apartment close to downtown. 

However, the reality is different than the ideal, and my family was there to help me out during these crucial time. In my new place, my I set up my home office, if you will, in order to create a studying space that didn’t exist before. 

My books are in different locations of the living-room because the existing bookshelf was not big enough and I have so many little things that I have accumulated for seven (7) years, that I must let go of many useless things. 

It is a tedious and enlightening transition. I found myself reminiscing but moving on by throwing out junk that at one point I considered important. 

I am glad to be home and, looking at the positive side of everything, as I always do, now I have home cooked meals from my mother, and three (3) cute dogs ready to be pet!

2013 will be awesome!