My deadline is coming soon! Recently one of my friends/classmate and I decided to help each other in writing our thesis. The way we have decided to do this is creating deadlines for each other to turn in drafts of our paper before we turn it in to our respective committee chairs.

We decided to do this after exchanging emails expressing our frustration over writing our thesis. We realized we were all over the place, doing many things at once and not finishing anything in particular.

I always feel apprehensive about having other people read my material, but because my committee chair advised me to have fresh eyes edit my work, I decided to seek the help in exchange for my editing services. My friend was more than willing!

This weekend we have a deadline for literature review so we can edit each other’s work before sending our final draft to our professors.

So far I have found it helpful because I feel even more pressure to finish my work. I am a little stress, but perhaps that is what I need to keep the writing going.