Just as I am now, many students before me were reading andTheses writing many pages of information in order to complete their theses. I would like to honor their hard work by occasionally reading some of their work. Not only am I honoring their effort, I am using it as a resource to model my thesis after. My chair has suggested many times to read other people’s theses and dissertation in order to get an idea of the organization of the work I am producing. She was right, of course, but I find that reading theses is more useful than dissertations. This is because dissertations are long, and are expected to have a lot of the author’s own contribution. A master’s thesis is not as long and the findings depend more on already existing research than our own theories. Plus, I feel more connected to a master’s thesis because this is the work of someone who just went through the journey that I am going through.

Even if the theses are not the same topic you have, if the model the author used makes sense for your work, mimic it. Little by little you add your own style, but it is a great way to help your organization.