ImageReady to pay for those loans?

– No! Its too soon!

I recently received an email from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Department of my university asking me to complete a Loan Exit Counseling session. Because I am only working on my thesis and no longer need to enroll in classes, the banks and the Department of Education would like their money, thank you very much.

I am not oppose to paying that debt, I knew I had to some day. However, I hoped that when that day came, I would already be on my career path with a full time job, settled in my own home and no longer in school. I find myself still working on my thesis, so I am not entirely out of school and I recently just got a new part-time job where I won’t make enough to pay the bill. The opting to defer my payment is given, but according to my counseling session, this means more interest will accumulate, and I will pay more in the long run.

For now that is my best option. It is what it is. In the meantime, I need to continue working on my thesis so that I can get my diploma. Once that is done, hopefully a full-time job. I am sure it is all worth it.