Oh my Long Beach years… I miss them.

From time to time I begin to reminisce on the good ol’ days of my undergraduate years. Those days when I was able to take 16 units in one semester and pass all of my classes with As and Bs while also be heavily involved in more than one student organization.

I think back and wonder how I did it. And then I come back to my present reality and see how hard it was for me in my first year as a graduate student and how slow this thesis writing is going because of the difficulties I’m facing. Not only that but now I’m not involved in fun activities or organizations. I work and write. What happened?

Graduate school is definitely not undergrad and the lifestyle could not carry over. But while I’m reminiscing, valuable time is passing by where I could be doing more research. To stop this I stopped focusing on the past and began thinking of my future… oh the possibilities! PhD and my career… it motivates me to finish soon so I can start preparing for the next steps.

Even though it is nice to think back if my younger years, it is more important now to think of my future. In order to get to that future, I have to deal with the present, which is this thesis… and back to work.