Almost there…


June 2012

Undergraduate Blues


Oh my Long Beach years… I miss them. Continue reading “Undergraduate Blues”


Study buddy


Seek a thesis buddy to keep track of your writting progress. Every week a friend of mine and I get together to dedicate a few hours to working on our thesis. This has been proven to be helpful because we motivate each other to continue working and make progress. It sometimes turns like a small competition to see who can get more written. It’s good to have company and it is good to do solo too. It’s just a matter of balance.

On my way to Bakersfield, Ca.


After work, I decided to go home to attend a family gathering. Even though there is always thesis work to do, family should not be neglected. Family time may decrerase but not vanish. My family is very supportive. At first they didn’t believe that my time would be consumed so much by school, but I talked to them about what it is required of me in order to graduate, and they understood. They are my support system. Off I go.

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