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May 2012

Managing Thesis Time

Writing a thesis takes a lot of time, effort and most importantly self-discipline. I had to fight against myself from idling away on different websites and come back to the PDF or Word document currently displayed on my Mac dock. In fact, when I started graduate school, I decided to completely delete my Facebook page in order to prevent distractions. However, there are plenty of social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… It’s not social media’s fault, after all, they are tools for us to use, not to replace our real life.

To better manage my time, I decided to find tools in order to keep me on track. One of the tools I currently use is Toggl. This site has helped me keep track of the time I spend on social sites, and thesis work. I was able to find this article listing the different tools that can help in time management.
I am also taking thesis writing as my second part-time job, dedicating at least 20 hours a week. Lastly, I will start a journal tonight, documenting the work I invested in my thesis and reflecting on the possibilities in order to better my performance.

I know, all this I should have done the moment I entered graduate school, but it is not too late to learn from my mistakes. I can still do this. If you have any more tips, please share.


Holding on for dear life

Hello anyone out there,

The countdown to my thesis project due date has begun, and I have decided to document these last months in the hope that one day I will look back and laugh.

Graduate school was tough, but somehow I am here closer to the end. I am thankful, eager, anxious, overwhelmed and a little scared. With a cup of coffee, a computer and a book on my lap, I begin this blog, holding on for dear life, because this road has not been easy, but it has been rewarding and fun… the future promises to be the same.

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